Eco Lithium designs and manufactures modern, “green”, efficient and reliable batteries (in standard format or customized), as well as incorporating these into complete storage systems to meet individual requirements.

Types of Batteries
We typically build our batteries using Lithium Ion cells/modules from electric cars and buses. These batteries have proven to work and to be reliable in vehicles (typically a much more demanding application than those of our clients) and are extensively tested and guaranteed by us.
The associated housings, modules etc are chosen to be easy to recycle and/or be re-used after the ‘second life’ of these batteries.
Our batteries save resources, prevent waste, have proven to already work well and, of course, are competitively priced. We offer a 5 year full warranty; see product details for more information.

For industrial applications, our batteries come with NEN/IEC 62619 certificates.

Typical Applications

  • Backup power (for unreliable grid)
  • Solar power storage (for more self consumption)
  • Peak Shaving (using more power than grid conncection can provide)
  • Grid services
  • Electric propulsion for boats
  • Power on board of boats